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By Ngeow Zoo Gin

For the first time, the School of Christian Growth (SCG) held an online Open Session over four Saturdays from February to March 2021. These sessions took place from 9.00am to 1.00pm, and we were very blessed to have Rev. Dr. Margaret Seaward giving us a comprehensive teaching on the book of Revelation. 

A total of 375 participants attended the Open Session, some of whom joined in from overseas or other states of Malaysia. This was the first time for SCG in managing such a high volume of online participants. God is good in providing wisdom and guidance to the team of administrators to quickly resolve unforeseen technical glitches during the first session, and the subsequent sessions were relatively smooth.

Rev. Margaret Seaward first gave the participants an overview of the book of Revelation before she went through chapter by chapter and verse by verse as much as time permitted. She expounded on what the book says about things to come, Christ’s exhortation to the Church, and God’s dealings with His chosen people, the Jews. While the participants were given an understanding of the meaning of visions and symbols described in Revelation, the primary objective of the teaching is for us to be prepared, rather than trying to interpret these signs and symbols. The current state of world affairs only points to the imminent return of Jesus Christ. We were warned never to lose our first love for God.


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The participants were blessed by the sessions and inspired by Rev. Seaward’s passion in sharing her testimonies and experiences of the power of the Holy Spirit in her life. At 91 years old, she is still going strong, spiritually and mentally sharp. She has indeed left us with a godly example to emulate as we prepare ourselves for Christ’s soon return. 


By Carmen Chong


We thank God for the 17 people who have committed their lives to Jesus through water baptism on 17 April 2021 at Calvary Church Damansara Heights. Here are some of their testimonies:


I was born and grew up in a Christian home, but there was no real relationship with God back then. There was once when I wanted to leave school but heeded a pastor’s advice to trust in the Lord and I did so. I thank God for He has helped me through many junctures in life. Jesus is truly my strength and hope. – Edin M. Jeyamani

When I was faced with difficulties of life, I handled it all myself. My then-girlfriend, now-wife suggested I attend Calvary Church, I am glad I did so and accepted Christ in 2017. Now, I know that I can depend on God for all of my tough situations. - Andrien Ang

I rejected Christ many times before I surrendered and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour in 2018 after being moved by the Holy Spirit many times. The Lord has changed my perspective and taught me to be grateful for everything that I have and that is around me. - Tan Chee Leong

I saw the transformation of my family after they accepted Christ so I decided to follow Jesus Christ too in 2017. From then, I experienced many miracles, including how God answered my prayer by giving my husband Tan Chee Leong his salvation. Now I truly know that through Jesus, all things are possible, especially in becoming a holy and righteous person like Him. - Joanne Tan

I have been a person I am not proud of, having succumbed to the ways of the world even though I accepted Christ when I was five, I have been attending church ever since. I rededicated my life to Jesus in 2015, and He has done tremendous things in my life, guiding me daily and answering my prayers. - Christy Teh


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From left to right:

Front Row 
Shaun Lucas Tan Yuan Shen, Samuel Chung Zern Koek Gelacio, Amelia Huey Anne Koek Gelacio, Candy Wong Li Khing

2nd Row
Charlotte Lee Xhi Ern, Zachary James Licup, Christy Teh Xing Ti

3rd Row
Mark Benjamin Edinmuller, Chloe Tan Yan Zi, Joanne Tan Yew Huay

4th Row
Edin Muller Jeyamani, Tan Chee Leong, William Chia Leong Yen Back Row Andrien Ang Teck Meng, Desmond Tan Hock Yong, Michelle Ho Wei Wei, Ian Marcus Tan Guan He


If you have not been water baptised and are interested to find out more, click here, call 03-8999 5532 (ext. 421), or write in to us .



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