Knowing God in Prayer
Knowing God in Prayer

"Knowing God in Prayer" by Associate Pastor Timothy Ong
Developing a Lifestyle of Prayer
A Super Inaugural Ranger Derby
39 Calvarties Publicly Declared They Have Accepted Jesus as Saviour and Lord of their lives
Called to Belong

Honouring the Lord
Honouring the Lord

"Living in God's Providence" by Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam
Blood Donation Drive boosts the National Blood Bank
You Are Irreplaceable
Thrive and Not Just Survive in the Marketplace
Christ's Mission is My Mission, Christ's Message is My Message
Taking Ownership Willingly and Joyfully
Kingdom Priorities
Stepping into the Shoes of Missionaries

Exciting Moments at Camp
Exciting Moments at Camp

"The Danger of Living in Stagnantion" by Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam
A Memorable Day Trip (Golden Eagles)
Compelled by God's Love to Witness
Wild, Original, Wonderful (WOW) Champions for Jesus!
Refreshed, Revived & Enriched at Camp
Hats On (Dimensions)
Let's Talk Property (Young Adults Connect)
Keep It Simply Shutterhappy! (Photography Workshop)

Mother's Day Celebration
Mother's Day Celebration

"Grace for the present" by Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam
Deacons Installation
A Warm & Joyful Missionettes Awards Celebration
A Special Feature on the Joys & Challenges of Motherhood
A Blessed Mother's Day Service
Exciting 3-Day Holiday Program - Discovery Rangers Went Places!

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The Musical Touched Many Lives
The Musical Touched Many Lives

"The Call to Maturity" by Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam
A Moving Story of God's Forgiveness & Restoration
"Mercy Came Running" Makes A Magnificent Impact
Know Christ and His Resurrection Power!
Dimension Extended - Style Up, Stand Out

Core Values of Calvary Church
Core Values of Calvary Church

"The Secret of Being Fruitful" by Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam
Leaders Set Apart and Appointed to Lead Our Congregation
Senior Pastor shares on The Vision and Core Values God Gave Him for Calvary Church
2015 Church Summit - Inspiring and Equipping Church Leaders
Baby Twins and Six Others Dedicated to the Lord
Overflowing Joy at Chinese New Year Concert
Making Supplications, Prayers and Intercessions