Consider the Lilies

March 13, 2024

Consider the Lilies

Journey of Healing with Carys

  • Article by Kimberly Kee

Serving in the Calvary Discipleship Ministry has been a meaningful journey. 

In June last year, I joined Shirley Park, one of the ministry Core Leaders, to visit her respondent, Carys Tan. Carys was battling cancer at the Institut Kanser Negara in Putrajaya. She was bedridden, undergoing oxygen therapy, and could only consume milk. We prayed together and Shirley encouraged her with Matthew 6:26-34 - to look at the birds in the sky and the lilies in the field, and how God took care of them. We stayed connected and prayed for her regularly.

In July, Carys showed improvement when we visited her again. She was able to sit up, and eat solid food but was struggling with low spirit and mobility. I shared how the Lord healed me from Polymyositis when I was unable to raise my hand, squat, or climb the stairs, and encouraged her to seek the Lord daily; read His word, pray, surrender all to Him and just rest in Him. 


Carys showing her drawing about Psalm 148 to Shirley and Kimberly


That day, Carys took her Bible and showed us Psalm 148 which she drew in her notebook when she was alone by herself. This was a confirmation that God is present with her. We were amazed and in awe of how God had so creatively confirmed His Word to her!


In August, God continued to work on Carys’ healing. She started breathing without oxygen support and started walking slowly. Her prayer was that she would be able to go to church to worship in the house of the Lord by Christmas.


In September, during our third visit, Carys showed remarkable progress—standing, walking, and breathing without an oxygen machine! During this visit, I sensed the urge from God to bring a deer brooch to motivate her to wear it when she returns to church.


In October, Carys could walk, was mentally alert, and desired to attend church. Everyone has been consistently praying for her over these few months including the online life group she is currently attending.

(From the left) Shirley, Carys, Kimberly, and Carys’ husband, Thomas Loh attending church service


On 22 October 2023, God brought Carys back to the church. She was able to walk with her husband. During service, Associate Pastor Chan Lee Peng preached Psalms 18:32-34, "It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights. He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze." This was a powerful moment for her as the verse resonated in her heart with the deer brooch I had given her.


In November, Carys underwent a successful surgery. After being discharged, she was recovering at home. Carys expressed gratitude, stating that God is good all the time, and she prayed to be of service to God in future.


In December, during the Thanksgiving service, Carys’ prayer was answered when she testified about the goodness of God in her healing journey to the whole congregation in Calvary Church.


God is faithful indeed. All glory and praise to God!


As He is looking for people to avail themselves to carry His blessings to many others who need them, may we be willing to be His hands and feet.