Kerinduan Kami, KemuliaanMu Tuhan

October 26, 2022

Kerinduan Kami, KemuliaanMu Tuhan

  • Article by Linda Pang

Sunday, 28 August, 2022 was truly a memorable day as 54 people gathered physically to worship, pray, receive God’s Word, and fellowship using the national language. Many who were involved in the Bahasa Online Prayer Meeting and Life Group met for the first time after nearly three years. The turnout was way more than was expected and we give Him all the glory!



The theme of the fellowship was “Malaysia: Kerinduan Kami, KemuliaanMu Tuhan” meaning “Malaysia: Our Heart’s Desire, Lord, for Your Glory”. As we sang songs that reflected our vision to see His plan and purpose for our nation to be realised, we were in awe of His faithfulness in each of our lives throughout the pandemic. Testimonies shared by different ones touched and stirred many in the congregation to continue trusting in His faithfulness, goodness, and greatness.  We all thanked the Lord for His amazing provision, sustenance, and healing in the midst of a seemingly dark period of lockdown.



Associate Pastor David Seah shared an uplifting, anointed message based on the theme. He reminded us that our ultimate heart’s desire should be Jesus Christ. When Jesus is our heart’s desire, we would want  to fulfill His desire, which is for all to be saved and come to repentance. When that happens, which God alone can accomplish, all glory goes to the Lord.



Believers are given three privileges to bring God the glory; the first, our prayer. He urged all to pray according to the knowledge of Jesus’ will, His character, and His authority. Secondly, we are to be the light of the world, and lastly, the Holy Spirit will lead, guide, and aid us to do His will for His glory.


We then prayed fervently at the altar and stood in the gap corporately for our nation and for the churches in Malaysia. We ended the fellowship with a scrumptious lunch of Malaysian delights. 


Terpuji Nama Tuhan!


If you desire to use the national language to pray, praise, and testify, you are invited to be blessed at the Bahasa Online Prayer Meetings held monthly on the third Wednesday at 8.00pm. Indicate your interest here -