A Life That Was Changed

July 01, 2021

A Life That Was Changed


  • Article by Carmen Chong
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Ashwin A/L Vijandrakumar, 17 years old this year, was only six when he arrived at Calvaryland. He did not have the opportunity to attend kindergarten and was mocked by friends in his first primary school. Calvaryland helped to transfer him to a new Chinese school and learnt new languages from scratch. As he reached Form Four, he wanted to stop studying as he felt he could not cope academically. Ashwin was encouraged by his mentors at Calvaryland to give up but to focus on learning special vocational skills.


Today, he enjoys learning about Facility Maintenance and Leadership Skills in Montfort Boys Town. “I am grateful to God for giving me a second chance and a new life,” Ashwin testifies. He is very grateful for the support and care given to him at Calvaryland for now he can speak in Mandarin, English, and Bahasa Malaysia on top of Tamil. “Calvaryland supported me in my studies and gave me a safe place to stay. In God alone everything happened.”