Give And It Will Be Given To You

July 01, 2021

Give And It Will Be Given To You

Testimonies of Faith Promise Partners

By FAITH TAY, Faith Promise Partner

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Recently I had a strong prompting to provide financial help to a mother of three in their difficulties. But my “common sense” told me that I myself have bank loans to settle. During that time, the Missions Emphasis (Jan 2021) reminded me that Missions is the heart of God, we live by faith but not by sight. So, I obeyed and blessed her financially with a cheerful heart. That was the same day my husband experienced a miracle! 


Due to the pandemic, his company was badly affected but informed him they were willing to repay him salaries that had been withheld from him for the past seven months! The company’s gracious decision must be a divine intervention of God. The “refund” we received covers the blessing I gave to the mother, fulfills the Faith Promise I made for January to June of 2021, and still have extra to settle part of my bank loans. 


I thank Calvary Church for the opportunity to give towards Missions especially in tough times like this. 


By ASHLEY YOUNG, Faith Promise Partner


Last year was a tough year when I lost my job. During the period of my unemployment, I trusted God and faithfully fulfilled my Faith Promise despite my heavy financial burden. Miraculously, a friend of mine offered me a part time job to pull through the difficult time. Th ree months later, I managed to secure a full-time job! I thank God for His grace and leading.