Just a prayer and He gave me back my daughter, my marriage, and a life of hope.

March 02, 2023

Just a prayer and He gave me back my daughter, my marriage, and a life of hope.

  • Article by Cherilyn Thong



In 2017, my five-year-old daughter was diagnosed with bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and tonsillitis. Words cannot describe how painful that was for me as her mother.


On top of getting up at night and running in and out of the hospital for her, I had another child to raise, work to juggle, and a degree to earn.


Tired, lethargic, anxious, quick tempered, angry, and miserable, I struggled to be a good mother.

When her condition worsened, her specialist referred her to a surgeon. I was troubled as she was too young for surgery. I finally turned to God for help.

As I was desperate for my child’s healing ...
 I was led to forgive the people in my life

I met other Calvarites through the church My Faith class. As I was desperate for my child’s healing, they prayed for me and somehow, I was led to forgive the people in my life to make right with God. I repented and made the first move to submit to my husband, whom I was having a cold war with. 


Being a strongly self-dependent person, I had to learn to surrender my battles to Jesus. I began to read the Word every day and prayed in authority, as Jesus did, whenever my daughter suffered an attack. 


Miraculously, Jesus healed my daughter without her having to undergo any surgery. She is now a healthy eleven-year-old! 


My experience of God’s gracious healing power compelled me to share God’s goodness with others through praying. Surely, my faith grew as I saw Him move and set people free as I prayed. I kept putting into practice what I learn from prayer ministry at my workplace and at home.


One night, my mum was down with severe vomiting. Then, dad and her came together to exercise their faith and prayed in authority. The vomiting stopped! Both of them were overjoyed to see how God answered their prayer.


Recently, as I was praying with my husband, to my surprise, his heart finally opened to receive Jesus, the most precious gift of life!


God is so good beyond words. Praying for others brings so much joy to my heart. As no two prayers are the same, I look forward to learning something new in each prayer; partnering with Him in ministry, so that I can serve Him until the day He comes.