The Ties That Bind

September 14, 2023

The Ties That Bind

Families that pray together, stay together

  • Article by Carmen Chong

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Throughout Scripture, it is clear that the family unit is of great importance to God, and this is still very evident today in the many ways He makes His presence felt within believers’ families, as testified by many Calvarites in this article.  

Thank God for taking care of my family in Uganda. Praise God that we could finally reunite in KL after so long – I had not seen them since I relocated to Malaysia. -Everlyn


While at a secular music camp where there were people practising alternative lifestyles, I thank God that my daughter was surrounded by Christian teachers who were able to explain to her that while we accept people as they are, we do not also have to accept their choice of lifestyle when it goes against biblical teaching. -Andy


Thank God that my daughter safely delivered her baby, and both mother and newborn are in good health. -Albert


Blood is thicker than water, more so when under the blood of Christ. Family ties are strengthened through God’s Word and His work.

I thank God that I am able to read the Bible together with my daughter daily. Praise Him for the patience to read verses in both English and Mandarin together. - Felicia 


Praise and thank God for I finally finished J12 (disciple making lessons) though there were challenges. During the last few lessons, my young daughter joined in, was touched by the Holy Spirit, and raised questions. She then attended Carpenter’s Workshop and loved it. -YY


Thank God for the seeds sown as I shared Christ with my cousin’s sister-in-law and also my nephews while attending the cousin’s wake service. -Jeffrey


Praise God for meaningful church activities. My son is enjoying attending the Royal Rangers and the One Voice Choir. -Alex 


Be it festive celebrations or just meeting up to fellowship, believers are blessed with the opportunity to share with their unsaved loved ones, not just cookies and good food, but also the Bread of Life.

Thank God for a good and enjoyable holiday in Penang to see all my brothers and sisters. Thank God for the provision of a sumptuous dinner for my family. -Collina


My family used the Awal Muharram public holiday to visit my elder son and his spouse in Sri Sendayan (Seremban area). There was good family bonding. Thank God for journey mercies. -Kurusamy


In the words of our  late Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam, “It is the will of God that you bless your family. You do not need extraordinary faith to bless your family. Your dynamic faith can bless your family!.” 


The church provides an avenue for family bonding. 

Join us at our next Family Day, 28 September 2023 (it’s a public holiday)! Bring your families out for a morning filled with fun, love, and fellowship! It will be a fantastic opportunity for your family and the entire church family to come together, strengthen our connections, and create precious memories. Scan the QR code to register:

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