Fulfilling His Mandate

February 21, 2024

Fulfilling His Mandate

Disciple Makers Conference 2023

  • Article by Christine Tang

That was the title of our first-ever Disciple Makers Conference held on Friday and Saturday, 17 and 18 November 2023 at Calvary Convention Centre, co-organised by the Life Group(LG), Discipleship and Evangelism Ministries.


Over the two days, 217 and 187 participants attended and were deeply challenged to fulfil Jesus’ mandate to make disciples of all nations. 


Associate Pastor David Seah, speaker for the evening

The impactful programme started with the objective of the whole conference, that is to fulfil His Great Commission(Matthew 28:18-20) and the Great Commandment(Matthew 22:34-40). The first session, on a Friday night, was open to all, highlighting the Foundation of a Disciple Maker. Associate Pastor David Seah, the speaker for the evening, emphasised that one can only fulfil the Great Commission with a strong foundation based on a personal relationship with Christ, loving Christ intimately(Matthew 22:37-39) and living out Christ’s teachings whole-heartedly(John 15:10). However, everyone needs to be alert because our love for Christ can grow cold(Matthew 24:10-13)! There are many temptations that could take us away from whole-heartedly living out Christ’s teaching(1 Peter 5:8-10). Hence, believers are encouraged to be as the wise virgins and not the foolish ones(Matthew 25:1-13).



Altar call given by Associate Pastor Richard Yun


The next day’s programme took a deeper dive into discipleship as a lifestyle, highlighting the power of small groups in disciple making. Associate Pastor Richard Yun shared a heart touching devotional that disciple makers are called to be a blessing to others and stressed on the importance of the Holy Spirit’s empowerment in discipleship. Lives are changed through convicting the heart of sin, convincing the mind with truth and changing our lifestyles to be more Christlike.



Associate Pastor David Seah, Carmen Chong and Lee Shi Chi
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The following sessions demonstrated the reality of one life touching another in discipleship. A video interview was first shared of Carmen Chong, the disciple maker, and Lee Shi Chi, the new believer. 



Gan Chew, Anne Wong and Crystal Liu
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Gan Chew, Anne Wong, and Crystal Liu then testified about how newcomer Louise Chang and her family were welcomed and discipled through the collaborative effort of various ministries. 



Alan Chang and Jess Fen
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The spirit of disciple-making was also shown through the testimonies of Jess Fen and Alan Chang as they personally witnessed God’s multiplication through their involvement in the 3Sixteen evangelistic programme.

A short but informative video was then shown, on the disciple making journey of all who come through the doors of Calvary Church, culminating in their belonging to a Life Group and growing as a mature disciple.(Watch The Disciple Making Journey in Calvary)

Altar call

The conference drew to a close with a hearty brunch fellowship and a final call to all disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ to fulfil the mandate as disciple makers, individually and as a team, with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. 


Here are some of the many wonderful responses received - “Best conference ever!”, “The Holy Spirit’s anointing is so strong”, “Please make this conference yearly”, “I was healed!” and “the Lord spoke specifically to my situation”.


To God be the glory; great things He has done!


Organisers and Helpers.JPG

Pastor, committee and all helpers



Mark Thomas, coordinator of the conference

The Chinese-speaking participants were blessed!