A Triple Blessing

July 17, 2021

A Triple Blessing

Melvin Wong

I had the opportunity, together with Life Group (LG) members Steven and Jessy Saw before the full lock down to visit their neighbour, Madam Esther. She accepted Christ and had requested help to remove from her home items associated with her former religious beliefs.

During the visit, Esther’s daughter Erika was present. After Esther shared her salvation testimony, I seized the opportunity to encourage and witness to Erika. 

Erika had seen positive changes in her mother, and was open and willing to follow me in the sinner’s prayer, and accepted Jesus!

Indeed, it was a triple blessing for me – the blessing of hearing Esther’s salvation testimony, affirming her faith, and ushering in salvation for Erika.

Praise God! We thank the Lord for the salvation of both of them. If you have family members and loved ones whose salvation you are praying for, continue to believe that God is already working in their lives.