Reflecting God's Love

June 26, 2024

Reflecting God's Love

  • Article by Tan Siu-Mae

11 May, 2024 – In conjunction with Mother’s Day, women who attended the Sunday worship received over 800 beautiful origami hearts, lovingly folded by 30 young people and children. Each heart was inscribed with a Scripture verse to symbolise the theme – Reflecting God’s Love.


MothersDay2024 (1).jpg MothersDay2024 (6).jpg

The youth and young ones busy making origami hearts!


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Over 800 origami hearts were given out


Calvary Church took the opportunity to celebrate and show appreciation to all mothers. Some of the highlights of the service included performances by the One Voice choir, a heartening sermon by Interim Senior Pastor Petrina Guneratnam, as well as an uplifting testimony by Sister Margaret Seaward on God’s grace. 


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Interim Senior Pastor Petrina Guneratnam reminding us that honouring our mothers (and fathers) is the only commandment in the Bible that has a reward of long life attached to it.


Sister Petrina, whom many of us regard as Calvary’s spiritual mother, spoke about how every woman has a maternal instinct. This is the reason we take this day to honour, not just biological mothers, but all women. She reminded us that honouring our mothers (and fathers) is the only commandment in the Bible that has a reward of long life attached to it. 


Honouring our mothers (parents) is demonstrated by loving them unconditionally, giving them priority, esteeming them highly so they know their worth, as well as carrying out small acts of gratitude so that they know they are appreciated. 


Mid-sermon, Sister Petrina segued to a video testimony by Sister Margaret Seaward, her spiritual mother and mentor. In her testimony, Sister Seaward spoke of her journey raising 5 children and leading them to salvation. 


While 4 of her children went on to serve God in ministry, one of her sons ended up going to prison. Sister Seaward never ceased praying for him and learned that it was important to release him into God’s hands. It was a very difficult time, Sister Seaward prayed for her son daily, for over 20 years! The congregation was encouraged to hear that her son returned to the Lord and has now been serving in ministry for the past 20 years. 


Sister Petrina then wrapped up her sermon talking about the 6 important attributes of faith shown by the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15: 21 – 29.   These attributes are to encourage mothers not to give up and to continue to pray for their children. The altars then opened for a time of prayer as many responded to God’s Word. 


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One Voice choir singing 'Prayer's for Mother's'


Service ended with another special song by the One Voice choir, followed by a time of fellowship over light refreshments in the plaza.


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Fellowship over light refreshments in the plaza


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Favourite spot for photo snapping with loved ones!