Stand Strong for God

June 04, 2024

Stand Strong for God

  • Article by Lim Jit Yaw

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On 20 April 2024, 143 men joined Rev Dr Jim D. Rion for a Men's Breakfast Talk at the Calvary Convention Centre (CCC) Multipurpose Banquet Hall (MPBH).


Calvary Men from many generations, from young adults and even several youth to seniors, came together for breakfast, fellowship, and mutual edification. Although each one came with different expectations and personal situations, all entered as one into the comfort of God's Word. 


The morning was abuzz with some members preparing coffee for the participants, while others set up registration counters. Before that, the Calvary Men’s Prayer group interceded for this event during their monthly prayer session in the MPBH!

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At 9am sharp, the Nespresso-fuelled participants were led in a spirited worship session by Suresh Rahman after which Associate Pastor David Seah introduced Dr Rion. 


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Participants were challenged to move away from indecision and inactivity, to make a decision to do what is right, and to take the first step, however small it may be.


Dr Rion then exhorted the Men of Calvary to be the 24:15 MAN, as declared by Joshua in Joshua 24:15, “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord”.

Calling men to live in Christ
Equipping men to live like Christ
Challenging men for Christ

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The session was further made relevant and greatly relatable through personal testimonies from Calvarites Han Joke Kwang and Abraham George on the challenges at the workplace and walking righteous with God. This was followed by a question & answer session with Dr Jim Rion.


The Men of Calvary then seized the opportunity to introduce several Men on a Mission initiatives to encourage each other to put legs to their faith. At the time of writing, more than a quarter of the participants have volunteered for these initiatives. Praise the Lord!


The session was both captivating and enriching – it was even remarked that the men were so engrossed, that almost no one looked at their mobile phone!! 


Having been greatly blessed, the men are reignited to Stand Strong for God. 

Standing Strong for God as 24:15 man.