A Safe Space for Potential Believers

March 21, 2024

A Safe Space for Potential Believers

3Sixteen Report of 2023

  • Article by Annabbel Lily

In 2019, 3Sixteen was formed as an evangelistic tool to spur Life Group Ministry’s vision of reaching out to the  potential believers in small group evangelism. Since 2022, 3Sixteen has been expanded to include open sessions. The open sessions are conducted after the Sunday service at Calvary Convention Centre where Calvarites at large have an avenue to bring their  potential believers loved ones and friends to 3Sixteen. 
The unique characteristic of 3Sixteen’s open session is that it provides a safe space, a warm and friendly environment for potential believers to be introduced to the Gospel through a series of films of cohesive messages, laden with convincing views on the relevance of the  person of Jesus Christ. This is immediately followed by open discussions where the potential believers are guided to explore and reassess their worldviews based on the films that they watched. 



Actions that go a long way. Celebrating a guest's birthday during an open session.



3Sixteen hosts and guests having fun during a warm-up game.


We are grateful to God for His faithfulness in 2023. We are delighted that 3Sixteen mobilized 16 Calvarites hosting 16 potential believers. The love of God demonstrated in 3Sixteen yielded four salvations, one rededication, one water baptism and one joining a Life Group.


The cornerstone for us in 3Sixteen is prayer. And looking back we have truly seen God answering our prayer and saw the hand of God in 3sixteen and every corner of our lives. As we look forward and press on in 2024, we trust God to use us in 3Sixteen to touch many more lives.



There is no better way to complete a wonderful and fun journey than to "yee sang" and celebrate in the last session of 3Sixteen.



Chinese-speaking guests share their thoughts during an open discussion. 3Sixteen currently caters to English and Chinese-speaking potential believers.