The Light of Christmas

February 14, 2024

The Light of Christmas

A Musical Production

  • Article by Tan Siu-Mae

Close to 5,600 people from all over the Klang Valley attended Calvary Church’s annual Christmas presentation that was held on Saturday and Sunday, 9 and 10 December 2023. Those in attendance were treated to a visual feast as Calvarites sang, acted, and danced to send the message of hope in this year’s musical production titled The Light of Christmas. Two hundred and eleven Calvarites had been practising for this musical since September 2023.


Shepherds dancing at the good news


LightofChristmas02.JPG LightofChristmas.jpg
The heavenly hosts announcing birth of Jesus The wise men worshipping Jesus


On both days, the presentation began at 5pm, with a joyful time of worship as familiar Christmas and worship songs filled the auditorium. Then, the audience’s attention was immediately captured by stars of the galaxy that flashed across the screen. The musical took off when the choir, depicting the heavenly hosts, started singing.


A young shepherd boy began narrating the story. Before we knew it, the wise men, along with their colourfully-dressed entourage, walked through the aisles of the auditorium, creating an exciting and festive air. 



The shepherds (and sheep!) seeking out Jesus on the night of His birth



The wise men and their entourage


The story of Jesus’ birth was brought to life as participants started singing and dancing and the events of Jesus' birth was narrated from the perspectives of various nativity characters. 



There was no more room at the inn


LightofChristmas06.JPG LightofChristmas0.JPG
At the King Herod's palace King Herod feeling disturbed by the news of Jesus' birth


As the first part of the musical came to an end, Associate Pastor David Seah took the stage to deliver the sermon for the evening. Using the characters of the nativity, Pastor David pointed out why it is only through Jesus that we can find salvation and purpose. 


LightofChristmas07.JPG LightofChristmas08.jpg
Associate Pastor David Seah presenting the message Many came forward to be prayed for


We rejoice and praise God that at the end of his encouraging message, 54 individuals responded to the altar call for salvation, nine of which were for rededication. Many were also touched by God as they were prayed over for healing.



Angels and shepherds dancing at the good news



Go Change the World!


The second part of the musical started after the message and altar call. The songs and narration that followed culminated in the manger scene. Despite the vibrant scenes on stage celebrating the birth of Jesus, we were also reminded of how much Jesus loves and relates to mankind by being born in such humble circumstances. Lastly, through the powerful finale song “Go Change the World”, we were reminded to bring the Good News and hope to this dark and troubled world.



The cast and crew of The Light of Christmas


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