Fun, Community and Purpose

December 13, 2023

Fun, Community and Purpose

Royal Rangers at Calvaryland Carnival 2023

  • Article by Lam Kah Meng


On September 16, 2023, Calvaryland in Sungai Pelek held their first Calvaryland Carnival 2023. The event which ran from 8am to 2pm was to raise funds for the maintenance of Calvaryland and to reach out to the local community in Sungai Pelek. 


The Royal Rangers’ participation in the event provided an excellent opportunity for our Rangers to contribute to the community and also complete their Service Project as part of their Leadership Merit. A total of 20 Discovery Rangers, 17 Adventure Rangers, 6 Expedition Rangers, and 14 Commanders participated in organising and running exciting games: 


Discovery Rangers took charge of the "Cowboy Town." Armed with Nerf Guns, participants tested their sharpshooting skills by aiming to knock down a tower of cans.


Nov23RRCalvaryland (4).jpg

Adventure Rangers hosted "Coconut Bowling”. Players had a blast knocking down bottles with coconuts.


Nov23RRCalvaryLand (3).jpg

Expedition Rangers showcased "Nut Cracker." This game tested participants' focus and agility as nuts were released from one end of a pipe, and players had to use a hammer to crush them as they appeared on the other end. 


Many parents supported their children’s participation in the Service Project and their commitment is very much appreciated. 

Nov23RRCalvaryland (2)_0.jpg