Zooming Through Graduation

June 11, 2021

Zooming Through Graduation

Royal Rangers Graduation & Awards 2021

  • Article by Lye Kay

An excited Ranger Kid, Samson Soo Hoo,
glad to be part of this unique ceremony and can’t wait to receive his award


In the midst of this pandemic comes little rays of sunshine. For the Royal Rangers of Calvary Church, it came in the form of the Royal Rangers Graduation ceremony! Each year, the Rangers graduate to the next age group and continue on their journey of physical, mental, spiritual and social growth, in line with the Royal Rangers’ mission for developing a child holistically. 


The Discovery Rangers Outpost participating in the Graduation ceremony via Zoom while at a separate venue within Calvary Convention Centre to maintain physical distancing


Live stream of the award ceremony being broadcasted via Zoom to the other two venues


On Sunday, April 25, 2021, this year’s graduation was held in such a unique way that it marked a new milestone in the chapter of Royal Rangers of Calvary Church, adapting and overcoming challenges and obstacles of the new normal. Three separate venues, hosting the different Outposts (i.e Ranger Kids [RK] for ages 6-8 years, Discovery Rangers [DR] for ages 9 -11 years, Adventure Rangers [AR] & Expedition Rangers [ER] ages 12-18 years) were connected remotely via the Zoom platform to accommodate all the participants and at the same time adhering to the strict SOPs mandated by the authorities.


To kickstart the ceremony, Councilman Wong Horr Wai shared a brief but delightfully and meaningful devotion on being an “infectious” Christian, skillfully linking the pandemic situation to his message, making it extra relatable to everyone present.  Then, the main event commenced, with the Ranger Kids (RK) receiving the awards at Theatrette 3. This was broadcasted via Zoom to the other two venues where the other Outposts were congregated.


Church Deacon and Commander Wong Horr Wai sharing his short, inspirational devotion



RK Javen Chin receiving his RK Gold Medal Award from Church Deacon and Councilman David Peter


The Ranger Kids’ Gold Medal Award recipients took the lead to go on stage with their bubbling enthusiasm. This award is the highest achievement for Rangers in this age group, and was achieved by the following RK: Abby Teoh, Elijah Sajivan, Elise Lee, Ethan Hoo, Javen Chin, Joshua Chong, Leonson Lim, Nicholas Chan, and Raphael Chua. 


This was then followed by the presentation of leaders’ awards by Outpost Council Chairman David Peter.  Leaders’ Service Awards (Junior Leader’s Service Award and Outpost Leaders’ Service Awards), is awarded to commanders from this age group who have demonstrated faithfulness and commitment towards achieving the goals of the Royal Rangers Ministry for the 2019/2020 term.  Eight RK Commanders i.e. Commanders Lisha Gan, David Peter, Sunita Mathew, Mok Zhuang Yu, Leonard Loke, Venisri Jeyaraman, Darren Wong, and Lam Kah Meng were awarded the LSA Medal. 


The Leaders’ Medal of Achievement Award (LMA), a prestigious achievement to be earned by a Ranger Commander, was also earned by RK Commander Venisri Jeyaraman. In recognition of the new Leadership role appointments, leadership bars were also presented to Outpost Commander Darren Wong and Councilwoman Commander Esther Ong.


The RK Gold Medal Award (earned in 2019) was presented to Aiden Chin, Cheong Xan Vann, Isaac Anbalagan, Jareth Tay, Jayden Liew, Joel Hoh, Jotham Isaac, Jovial Chong, Lee Jia Xuan, and Tan Foo O’lyvia. The DR Gold Falcon Medal Award was presented to Aiden Teoh, Amanda Kate Abraham, Hu Yu Xuan, Justin Ng, Chloe Lim, Rafael Wong, Russell John Paul, Jonathan Oh, Evangeline Ng, Valerie Rachael Leong, Ethan Lee, and Jayden Chew. The LSA Medals were awarded to DR Commanders Amanda Chong, Tan Zhi Rong, William Yong, and David Gan. Commander David Gan also achieved his LMA Award.


The RK 2021 graduating class of 2021 all lined up on stage as they are welcomed online by their new Outpost Commander


Upon completion of the medals and awards, the 9-year-old RKs were all invited on stage to virtually “graduate” to the next age group, i.e. the Discovery Rangers Outpost.  DR Outpost Commander David Gan greeted them virtually on screen to receive them to their Outpost. 



Discovery Ranger Tan Foo O’lyvia receiving her award from Executive Pastor and Ministry Head Jim Guneratnam


The Graduation Ceremony then “zoomed over” to the Discovery Rangers (DR) Outpost. Royal Rangers Ministry Head Jim Guneratnam had the honour of presenting the medals and awards earned by the DR Rangers and Commanders following the same sequence; recognition of the Rangers who earned their respective age group medals, then medals and awards to the Commanders who earned them, and finally the graduation of the oldest DR age group Rangers to the Adventure Ranger’s (AR) Outpost.  Rangers who missed out on their previous age groups’ medals for their achievements due to cancellation of the previous year’s Graduation ceremony were also concurrently recognized here.


The 2021 graduating class of Discovery Rangers looking forward to their new adventures and life lessons in AR



Adventure Ranger Ian Ong saluting Senior Commander Chin Yoke Yee as he receives his AR Bronze Medal


The ceremony moved on to the third venue where the AR and ER Outposts were gathered.  Adventure Rangers who achieved their respective age group medals went up on stage to receive their hard-earned medals from Senior Commander Chin Yoke Yee. These recipients included Ilias Chow, Ian Ong, Isaiah Kuan, Kimberly Leong, Joel Harshvarthan, Eugene Chan, and Samuel Chong, who earned their DR Gold Medals in 2019 while Gabriel Isaac Leong, James Guneratnam, Asher Royce Anthony, Aleesha Neha George, Isabel Chow, Cheong Mel Vern, Kenneth Chua, and Ryan Tan all received the Adventure Rangers Bronze Medal. It was then followed by the ERs who earned their AR Bronze & Silver Medals, i.e. Ryan Lee, Yun Cheng, Cheong Jay Vann, Denzel Jeremiah Paul, Ethan Lee, Ian Goh, Isaac Chong, Wong Yew Joe, Ian Bong, and Danial Wong. 


LMA recipient, Commander David Ngeow, getting his medal pinned on his uniform


Councilwoman Commander Esther Ong receiving her leadership bars in recognition of her new role from Church Deacon and Councilman David Peter


The LSA was also achieved by three commanders from the AR & ER Outposts. For the highly-sought after LMA, Commanders David Ngeow and Lisa Toh managed to add that feather to their cap, while Outpost Commander Joel and Outpost Councilman Ong Soon Aun received their leadership bars as well. 


Graduating Adventure Rangers, along with current Outpost Commander Joel on stage as they move on to their final Outpost in Royal Rangers


Finally, the graduating ARs were called on stage to be welcomed by ER Outpost Commander Joel. This unique ceremony concluded with a short prayer by Commander Kah Meng. We thank the Lord for another year of His faithfulness, even amidst the challenges faced in the past year.