April 30, 2021


Good Friday & Easter 2021

Good Friday Service
Good Friday Service 1 / 1
  • Article by Carmen Chong

Last Good Friday and Easter weekend we were confined at home due to the Movement Control Order, many Calvarites were glad to meet as a congregation for Good Friday and Easter this year.

The Good Friday service on 2 April 2021 was attended by 1,012 people and has more than 7,100* views on YouTube.

On Sunday, 4 April 2021, the Easter service had more than 4,700* views with 1,716 people celebrating in-person with the Calvary family.

The physical attendances were the highest since the church resumed physical services. It was also the highest online views for our church services! Many people responded and we praise God for the 12 in-person salvation and rededication responses at the Good Friday service. 

*Counted as of the date of this article

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Testimonies of the four individuals from the Gospel accounts


On Good Friday, the audience was moved by the testimonies and videos, depicting the Gospel accounts of four individuals - The Paralytic, The Adulteress, Martha, and The Rich Young Ruler, who were impacted in their encounter with Jesus. 

The prowess presentation by the Music and Creative Arts team and the delicately woven sermon preached by Associate Pastor David Seah, made the accounts come alive and relatable. What Jesus did then for these individuals, He can still do today, in healing, forgiving, and giving the gift of eternal life, to those who believe. 

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Musical performance and Senior Pastor’s preaching during the Easter service


Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam exhorted the congregation on Easter Sunday that the reason why Jesus is our Living Hope is because God has accepted Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and raised Jesus from the dead. 

Jesus Christ our Living Hope, is still impacting many lives today. Would you like to receive the gift of eternal life, healing and forgiveness? Connect with us here.

Or have you received Jesus Christ and been blessed? Share your stories with us.


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